Course curriculum

    1. William Maier - Emergence and Transformation: Spiritual Development In Montessori

    2. Stewart Riddle - Propositions for a Public Montessori in Australia: Towards a More Caring, Inclusive, Sustainable and Democratic Future

    3. Shelley Davidow - The Art of Steiner/Waldorf Education and the Inner Development pathway of the teacher

    4. William Maier - Making it Stick

    5. Dimitri - Life by Design & the Intentional Guide

    6. Mark Powell - Montessori Elevator Speech Competition

    7. Benedicte Henry - Laughter Yoga: laugh to connect

    1. William Maier - Cosmic Education: A Way of Life

    2. Shawnee Schmid - Self-Leadership: From Reaction to Connection

    3. Alex Ioannou - Can We Capture the Transformation?

    4. Fiona McKenzie Transforming ourselves towards student agency

    5. Panel Discussion - William Maier, Shelley Davidow, Fiona McKenzie, Mark Powell, Alex Ioannou

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  • 12 hours of video content

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