Course curriculum

    1. Part One: The History of Montessori Education

    2. Part Two. Montessori's Theory of Planes of Development

    3. Part Three. Montessori's Theory of the Absorbent Mind

    4. Part Four. Montessori's Theories Sensitive Periods and Human Tendencies

    1. Part One: The Prepared Environment

    2. Part Two: The Physical Environment

    1. Part One: The Prepared Adult

    2. Part Two: Working with Young Children

    1. Part One: An overview of Montessori Materials

    2. Part Two: Activities for Movement

    3. Part Three: Activities in Practical Life

    4. Part Four: Keys to the World

    5. Part Five: Activities in Language & Mathematics

    1. Documenting Children's Learning

About this course

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  • 14 lessons
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Allow 20 hours (optional research plus research/reading time)
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