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Event Details

With high profile speakers, thought-provoking topics and networking opportunities, the conference is our biggest ever.

    1. Event Highlights

    1. Tony Atwood - Cognitive Abilities and AutismA Different Way of Thinking and Learning

    2. Ronwyn Collier - Practical Strategies and Applications to Enable Students with Autism

    3. Dr Rebecca English - (Im)Perfect Match : How Families, Parenting and Schooling Influence Children’s Educational Outcomes

    4. Alex Dillon & Sarah Brunton - Supporting the Emotional Safety of All Children

    5. Elizabeth Goor - Perspectives on: Disability Reform

    6. Vicki McKinnon - Documentation as the Servant of the Educator

    7. Oliver Heatherington-Page - No Bang Theory

    1. Mark Powell - Syncing Home and Classroom

    2. Karin Oldham - EEG Neurofeedback

    3. Catherine Holmes - Culture Matters

    4. Dr Eva Nislev - Curiouser and Curiouser! Unpacking Sensory Processing Disorders

    5. Derek McKinnon - How to tackle Financial Management and Budgeting withoutMicromanaging

    6. Carmel Ellis & Gemma Kuras - Our Journey into Inclusion

    7. Ferne Van Zyl - Bridging the Gap Between What We Know and What We Do

    8. Lorin Nicholson - Climb Your Own Mountain – Creating Pathways for Success

    9. Emma Creed - Bringing it All Together

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  • 14.5 hours of video content
  • 150+ attendees
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Event Highlights